Tax Readings Group

The UConn Tax Readings Group invites submissions of tax-focused working papers for review and discussion by our tax faculty and Ph.D. students. We encourage submission of papers that are early in the research process, but developed enough to benefit from our comments. We expect to discuss one or two papers each month. Following each meeting, we will provide a written summary of our discussion comments to the authors. Depending on submission volume, we may select only a limited number of papers for discussion.

Each meeting of the UConn Tax Readings Group includes several of the following participants:

Please see below for our prior and upcoming schedule of Tax Readings Group meetings. If you would like our comments on your working paper, please send your draft to Sarah Parsons.

Spring 2018

Wednesday, March 21 Ashish Agarwal, Shannon Chen, and Lillian Mills The Effect of Embedded Partnerships on Corporate Tax Avoidance, Uncertainty, and Noncompliance: A Network Analysis Approach
Wednesday, April 4
Wednesday, April 11
Wednesday, April 18

Summer 2017

Monday, May 15 Andrew Finley, Claremont McKenna College The Impact of Tax Settlement Favorability on Firms’ Subsequent Tax Avoidance
Tuesday, June 27 Sonja Rego, Brian Williams, and Ryan Wilson, Indiana University and University of Oregon Who Invests in Corporate Tax Avoiders?

Spring 2017

Friday, March 10  Adnan Anil Isin, University of Exeter Tax Avoidance and Cost of Debt: The Case for Syndicate Risk Mitigation and Public Bond Markets