Alumni of the Accounting Ph.D. Program

Ilona Bastiaansen,’23 Ph.D., University of Notre Dame
Bankruptcy Spillovers in Firm Payout Policy

Sarah Parsons,’23 Ph.D., Sacred Heart University
Do analysts anticipate the use of slack in quarterly effective tax rates?

Youree Kim,’22 Ph.D., Marymount University
Executive Teamwork and Auditor Going Concern Opinions

Trent Krupa, ’22 Ph.D., University of Arkansas
How Do Firms Assess the Risks of Tax Aggressiveness? Evidence from Mandated Enterprise Risk Assessments

Jenny Luchs-Nunez, ’22 Ph.D., Colorado State University
Economic Effects of Sales Tax Collection Requirements: Evidence from Wayfair

Andrew Duxbury, ’16 Ph.D., James Madison University
Repatriating Foreign Earnings to Meet Analysts’ Forecasts

Biyu Wu, ’15 Ph.D., University of Nebraska
Do IPOs Face Higher Accounting-Related Litigation Risk? Evidence from Restatements

Paul Goodchild, ’15 Ph.D, University of Central Missouri
The Effect of Media Format, Disclosure Tone, and Earnings Condition on Detection of Misstatements

Elizabeth Kohl, ’15 Ph.D., University of Cincinnati
Capital Structure, Labor Relations, and Determinants of Voluntary Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting

Norman Massel, ’14 Ph.D., Louisiana State University
The Effect of Exemption from Mandatory Disclosure to the IRS on Firm Value and Firm Behavior

Erin Henry, ’14 Ph.D., University of Tennessee
The Information Content of Tax Expense: A Firm- and Market-Level Return Decomposition

Li Qu, ’13 Ph.D., Florida Atlantic University
An Evaluation of Outlier Treatment Methods in Accounting Research

Danielle Higgins, ’13 Ph.D., CUNY-Baruch College
Communicating Information Beyond the Tax Footnote: Effective Tax Rate Forecasts in the MD&A

Timothy Bell, ’12 Ph.D., Babson College
The Persistence and Value-relevance of Tax Expense

Cassandra Walsh Rohland, ’11 Ph.D., University of Massachusetts, Lowell
The Effect of Context and Training Interventions on Performance of Novice Accounting Learners

Fei (Angela) Han, ’10 Ph.D., Beijing Natl Accounting Institute
Lease Accounting and the Cost of Equity Capital

Robin Knowles, ’10 Ph.D., Texas A&M Intl University-Laredo
Defined Benefit Pension Sponsors & Market Prices: Early Evidence from Pension Accounting Reform

Linda Kolbasovsky, ’09 Ph.D., University of North Carolina, Greensboro
The Trade-off between Risk Management and Earnings Volatility: Evidence from Restatements

Ling Lei, ’08 Ph.D., George Mason University
Auditor-provided Tax Services and ‘Last-chance’ Earnings Management: The Importance of Audit Committees

Stanley Veliotis, ’07 Ph.D., Fordham University, NY
Insiders’ Rule 10b5-1 Sales Plans and Earnings Management

Sylvia Santiago, ’06 Ph.D. (awarded posthumous)
The Effects of Source of Accountability, Knowledge of Views, and Personal Consequences on Effort and Accounting Judgments

Kate Odadashian Jelinek ’05 Ph.D., University of Rhode Island
The Effect of Large Leverage Increases on Opportunistic Behavior and Earnings Management

Zhaoyun Shangguan, ’05 Ph.D., Robert Morris University, Pittsburgh
Intangible Investments and the Cost of Equity Capital

Haihong He, ’04 Ph.D., California State University at Los Angeles
Accounting Choices and Firm-Specific Conservatism Measures

Patrick Kelly, ’04 Ph.D., Providence College
An Examination of the Moral Reasoning of Accounting Students

Michael Kraten, ’04 Ph.D., Providence College
Negotiated Transfer Pricing: Effects of Disposition, Power, and Media on Resource Allocation Decisions

Thomas Scott Clausen, ’02 Ph.D., Zayed Univ., United Arab Emirates
The Impact of Implementing Activity-Based Costing on Knowledge Structures

David Leo Schwarzkopf, ’02 Ph.D., Bentley College
The Effects of Attraction, Repelling, and Compromise on Investment Decisions

Richard Mark Mason, ’02 Ph.D., University of Nevada at Reno
Empirical Evidence of an Incentive Problem and Related Earnings Management in Cable Television Public Limited Partnerships

Michael Patrick Coyne, ’02 Ph.D., Fairfield University
A Multi-Method Study of Auditors’ Knowledge Structures of Financial Statement Errors

Hoseoup Lee, ’00 Ph.D., SUNY University of Technology, Utica
Analysis of Quaterly Cash Flow Components: Various Effects on Cash Flow Response Coefficients

Kinsun Tam, ’99 Ph.D., SUNY Albany
Earnings Management Through Derivative Activities: Evidence from Banks

Martha Ann Howe, ’99 Ph.D., Bentley College
Management fraud and earnings management: fraud versus GAAP as a means to increase reported income

Beatrice Lynn Bible, ’99 Ph.D., Fayetteville State University
Process explanations for performance differences in paper and electronic workpaper review environments

Danqing Xu Young, ’98 Ph.D., The Chinese University of Hong Kong
The effect of international accounting diversity on the integration of capital markets

Noah Philip Barsky, ’98 Ph.D., Villanova University
Organizational determinants of budgetary influence and involvement

Dawn W. Massey, ’97 Ph.D., Fairfield University
An investigation into the assessment of auditors’ professional moral abilities and their improvement through the use of task-properties feedback

Kathryn Jean Wilkicki, ’97 Ph.D., Florida International University
The effect of not-for-profit hospital financial reporting choices on users’ decisions

Karla Marie Johnstone, ’97 Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, Madison
Risk, strategy, and the client acceptance decision: a causal model

Jay Christopher Thibodeau, ’96 Ph.D., Bentley College
The effect of experience on the development of knowledge structures that transfer across audit domains

Inshik Seol, ’96 Ph.D., Clark University
The Effects of Auditor Interaction on Going-Concern Judgments

Karen Wilken Braun, ’96 Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University
The disposition of audit-detected misstatements: an examination of aggregation effects

Wafeek H. Abdelsayed, ’96 Ph.D., Southern Connecticut State University
An empirical investigation of internal and external auditors’ judgments and decisions concerning detailed audit testing

James Lloyd Bierstaker, ’95 Ph.D., Villanova University
Performance in internal control evaluation: the importance of the documentation format and domain knowledge

Gail Kaplow Sergenian, ’94 Ph.D., Suffolk University
Cognitive flexibility in judgments by accountants: factors influencing its development and desirability

James Joseph Maroney, ’94 Ph.D, Northeastern University
The impact of knowledge content and structure on auditors hypothesis testing behavior in analytic procedures

Richard Edwin Hurley, ’94 Ph.D., University of Connecticut
Detecting shifts of business presence subsequent to state tax modification

Emeka T. Nwaeze, ’92 Ph.D., U Texas, San Antonio
The effects of the parameters of earnings expectation on stock prices: a structural model and empirical evidence