Ph.D. – Accounting

The Ph.D. program in Accounting is designed to engage students in top quality scholarly research and to take faculty positions at leading universities upon graduation. The curriculum focuses on economics-based, empirical research in accounting, with particular emphasis on capital markets, audit, and tax. Students are prepared to conduct original research of accounting issues using economic theories and archival methods. The program sets students up for success by developing their research skills and foundation of knowledge, as well as fostering their creativity, initiative, and perseverance. There are many opportunities for improving written and oral communication and for engagement with faculty, including on joint research projects. Students also have access to a wide array of data and software and they regularly attend national academic conferences.

Faculty in accounting  conduct research on a variety of topics, including but not limited to: accounting standards-setting, analyst activities, auditing, corporate financial reporting issues, internal controls, mergers and acquisitions, taxes and business decisions, tax policy.

Accounting Doctoral Scholar’s Program

UConn’s Accounting Ph.D. Program has been selected to participate in the Accounting Doctoral Scholars Program. This program has been set up by the largest accounting firms, state societies of CPSs, and the American Institute of CPAs to increase the number of qualified accounting faculty.  The program provides additional financial support to qualified participants. Accounting Doctoral Scholars

For More Information

Accounting Department PhD Coordinator: Todd Kravet

On September 28th)  attend an information session and talk with accounting Professor Kravet and a PhD student and on October 24th) connect with Professor’s Kravet) and Utke) -as well as meet a current PhD Accounting student.


Trent Krupa, ’22 Ph.D., started as an Assistant Professor at the University of Arkansas.

Jennifer Luchs-Nunez ’22 Ph.D., started as an Assistant Professor at Colorado State University.

Bo Ren, a current Ph.D. candidate, presents his dissertation at the PCAOB’s 2022 Conference on Auditing and Capital Markets

Ilona Bastiaansen, a current Ph.D. candidate, has a proposal co-authored with UConn faculty Alina Lerman and Frank Murphy and a University of Toronto faculty presented at the 2021 Journal of Accounting Research registered report conference:

Ilona M. Bastiaansen, a current Ph.D. candidate, received the prestigious Deloitte Fellowship. Ilona’s honor is highlighted in the following School of Business article:

Trent Krupa ’22 Ph.D., received the prestigious Deloitte Fellowship while a Ph.D. candidate. Trent’s honor is highlighted in the following School of Business article:

Recent Ph.D. graduates have published in Contemporary Accounting Research, Journal of Accounting Research, Management Science, Review of Accounting Studies, The Accounting Review, The Journal of the American Taxation Association, etc.

Our Ph.D. students have presented their research papers at American Accounting Association Annual Meeting, Auditing Section Midyear Meeting, Financial Accounting and Reporting Section Midyear Meeting, American Taxation Association Midyear Meeting, National Tax Association Spring Symposium, etc.