Accounting Research Workshop Series

The Accounting Research Workshop Series brings top scholars in accounting and related fields to the University of Connecticut to share their research with our faculty and doctoral students. Attendance is open to the public. Please contact the workshop coordinator, Professor Todd Kravet, for additional information about the workshop series and for upcoming presentations.

Spring 2017

Apr 28 Michael Donohoe University of Illinois TBA TBA

Fall 2016

Sep 2 PhD Student Presentations University of Connecticut TBA
Sep 9 Peter Wysocki University of Miami TBA BUS 112 3:30 - 5:00
Sep 30 Urooj Khan Columbia University TBA BUS 112 3:30 - 5:00
Oct 7 Khrystyna Bochkay University of Miami TBA BUS 112 3:30 - 5:00
Oct 21 Anna Brown University of Connecticut TBA
Oct 28 John Campbell University of Georgia TBA BUS 112 3:30 - 5:00
Nov 18 Dan Wangerin Michigan State TBA BUS 112 3:30 - 5:00

Spring 2016

Mar 25 Anna Costello University of Michigan Credit Market Disruptions and Liquidity Spillover Effects in the Supply Chain
Apr 15 Michael Clement University of Texas at Austin Skin in the Game: The Activities of Buy-Side Analysts and the Determinants of Their Stock Recommendations
Apr 22 Senyo Tse Texas A&M University Companies' net borrower / lender status and earnings predictability
Apr 29 Terry Shevlin University of California, Irvine Macroeconomic effects of aggregate corporate tax avoidance: A cross-country analysis

Fall 2015

Sep 4 Paul Borochin University of Connecticut The Effects of Conference Call Content on Market Perceptions of Value Uncertainty and Firm Risk
Sep 11 Dan Segal Interdisciplinary Herzliya, Isreal Do fiduciary duties to creditors reduce debt-covenant avoidance?
Sep 25 Alexander Edwards University of Toronto Taxes and Peer Effects
Oct 9 Reining Petacchi MIT Sloan School of Management Public Pension Accounting Reform: Preparer Incentives and User Interest
Nov 20 Alina Lerman Yale School of Management Information Transfer and Conference Calls
Dec 11 Kexin Zheng University of Connecticut Internal Controls and Capital Allocation within Conglomerates

Spring 2015

Apr 3 Allison Koester Georgetown University Assessing the Accuracy of Small Firms' Internal Control Disclosures
May 4 Steve Utke University of Georgia Audit Quality and Specialist Tenure

Fall 2014

Sep 5 Mort Pincus University of California - Irvine Do Companies' Enterprise Systems Impact Audit Quality and Efficiency?
Sep 12 Todd Kravet University of Connecticut A Firm's Earnings and the Likelihood of its Acquisition
Oct 3 Dain Donelson University of Texas - Austin The Costs and Benefits of Mandatory D&O Insurance Policy Disclosure
Oct 24 James Chyz University of Tennessee Do Financial Analysts Reduce the Cost of the Goodwill Impairment Decision?
Nov 7 Karl Muller Pennsylvania State University Business Press Coverage and Credit Rating Agency Monitoring
Nov 14 Anna Costello Massachusetts Institute of Technology Trade Credit Policy in Long-Term Supply Contracts
Nov 21 Yanhua Yang University of Connecticut The Effect of Scaled Regulation on Financing Choices: Evidence from Small Public Companies and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act

Spring 2014

Jan 27 Kevin Koharki Penn State University Mandatory Disclosure Requirements and Rating Agency Catering: A Study of the Rule Changes for Qualified Special Purpose Entities
Jan 31 Michael Dambra University of Rochester The effect of internal capital shocks on manager behavior: Evidence from changes in ERISA pension accounting rules
Feb 3 Subprasiri Siriviriyakul University of California at Berkeley Re-Examining Real Earnings Management to Avoid Losses
Feb 7 Shira Cohen Columbia University Cash, Volatility, and Corporate Investment
Feb 10 Kexin Zheng MIT The Role of Accounting in Debt Contract Renegotiations: Evidence from Positive Shocks
Feb 17 Ying Zhou University of Florida Disclosure Regulation and the Competition between Public and Private Firms: The Case of Segment Reporting
Feb 24 Vishal Baloria University of Waterloo Politicians’ Equity Holdings and Accounting Conservatism
Feb 28 Michael Willenborg University of Connecticut TBD
Mar 3 Elicia Cowins University of North Carolina Does Hedge Accounting Reflect Firms’ Risk Management Activities?
Apr 3 Karla Johnstone University of Wisconsin An Audit Partner-led Field Intervention in Fraud Brainstorming
Apr 11 Ling Lei Lisic George Mason University Executive Overconfidence and Compensation Structure
Apr 18 Wayne Thomas University of Oklahoma PhD Student Speaker Series
Tax Havens and Disclosure Aggregation

Fall 2013

Aug 22 Andrew Duxbury University of Connecticut Check the Box – Its Relationship with U.S. Multinational’s Tax Rates and the Stock Market Reaction
Aug 22 Valerie Tellez University of Connecticut Did FIN 48 Improve Comparability in the Financial Reporting of Income Taxes?
Sep 6 Weili Ge University of Washington Crime and Punishment: Forecast Strategies of Earnings Manipulators and Associated Consequences
Sep 27 Richard Price Utah State University Do Online Social Networks Matter for Financial Markets?
Oct 11 Logan Steele University of Connecticut Timely Loss Recognition and the Smoothness of Earnings
Oct 18 Melissa Martin Arizona State University Compensation in the Post-FIN 48 Period: The Case of Contracting on Tax Performance and Uncertainty
Oct 22 Erin Henry University of Connecticut The Information Content of Tax Expense: A Firm- and Market-Level Return Decomposition
Oct 25 Brian Miller Indiana University Financial Disclosure Complexity and Bond Rating Agency Disagreement
Nov 1 Todd Kravet University of Texas - Dallas The Effect of SFAS 141 and 142 on the Likelihood and the Form of Financing of Corporate Takeovers
Nov 8 Rick Laux Penn State University Do Firms Use Tax Reserves to Meet Analysts’ Forecasts? Evidence from the Pre- and Post-FIN 48 Periods
Nov 18 Jieying Zhang University of Southern California Affiliated Banker on Board and Conservative Accounting

Spring 2013

Feb 15 Jeff Burks University of Notre Dame The Accounting Errors of Public Charities: Characteristics, Predictors, and Consequences
Mar 1 Bill Kinney University of Texas PhD Student Speaker Series
Litigation Risk and Audit Pricing: The Role of Public Equity
Mar 29 Bill Baber Georgetown University Accounting Restatements, Governance and Municipal Debt Financing
Apr 5 Marlene Plumlee University of Utah Component Forecast Accuracy and Superior Analysts: Understanding Private Information
Apr 18 Gary Biddle University of Hong Kong Do Adoptions of International Financial Reporting Standards Enhance Capital Investment Efficiency?
Apr 26 Rick Mergenthaler University of Iowa Why Do U.S. Accounting Standards Contain Rules-Based Characteristics?

Fall 2012

Aug 31 Biyu Wu University of Connecticut Do IPO issuers manage earnings? Evidence from the most current financial statements in IPO prospectuses
Sep 28 Joseph Gerakos University of Chicago Competition in the audit market
Oct 2 Li Qu University of Connecticut Assessing Outlier Treatment Methods
Oct 26 Danielle Higgins University of Connecticut The Effect of Complexity on Management Disclosure: Evidence from Effective Tax Rate Forecasts in Firms' MD&A
Nov 9 Linda Myers University of Arkansas The Monitoring Effectiveness of Co-opted Audit Committees
Nov 30 Sonja Rego Indiana University Tax Risk and the Cost of Equity Capital
Dec 7 Holly Yang University of Pennsylvania Mandatory Financial Reporting Environment and Voluntary Disclosure: Evidence from Mandatory IFRS Adoption

Spring 2012

Jan 20 Brian Akins MIT Financial Reporting Quality and Uncertainty about Credit Risk among the Ratings Agencies
Feb 3 Musa Subasi University of Texas - Dallas Investor Conferences and Institutional Trading in Takeover Targets
Feb 6 Matt Glendening University of Iowa Critical Accounting Estimate Disclosures and the Value Relevance of Balance Sheet Items
Feb 10 Adam Esplin Indiana University Industry Information and Forecasts of Long-Term Earnings Growth
Feb 13 Sunny Yanhua Yang University of Texas - Austin The Interpretive Information Content of Credit Ratings Changes for Stock Investors
Feb 17 Nicole Thorne Jenkins Vanderbilt University The Extent of Informational Efficiency in the Credit Default Swap Market: Evidence from Post-Earnings Announcement Returns
Feb 20 Laura Swenson University of Wisconsin The Influence of Religion on Financial Reporting
Mar 2 Brad Badertscher University of Notre Dame Externalities of Public Firms: Evidence from Private Firms' Investment Decisions
Mar 23 Jeff Hales Georgia Institute of Technology The Dark Side of Socially Mediated Rewards: How Narcissism and Social Status Affect Managerial Reporting
Apr 6 Bill Greene New York University PhD Student Speaker Series
Inflated Responses in Self-Assessed Health
Apr 13 Stephanie Sikes University of Pennsylvania Investors' Reaction to the Use of Poison Pills as a Tax Loss Preservation Tool

Fall 2011

Sep 2 Erin Henry University of Connecticut The Forecasting and Valuation Implications of Deferred Tax Valuation Allowances
Oct 7 Norman Massel University of Connecticut The Economic Consequences of Increased IRS Reporting Requirements
Oct 7 Elizabeth Kohl University of Connecticut Auditor Industry Concentration: 1976 - 2009
Oct 19 Paul Goodchild University of Connecticut Are Executive Stock Options Determinants of Earnings Volatility?
Oct 21 Teri Yohn Indiana University The Relative Accuracy of Analyst and Time-Series Disaggregated Forecasts
Nov 9 Timothy Bell University of Connecticut The Value-Relevance of Tax Expense
Nov 11 Casey Schwab University of Georgia Does Tax Deferral Enhance Firm Value?
Dec 2 Jennifer Tucker University of Florida Analyst Information Production and Forecast Timing