Accounting Department Code of Conduct

The faculty and staff of the Accounting Department at the University of Connecticut are committed to achieving excellence in teaching, research and service. In achieving excellence in these areas, we are committed to the highest standards of ethical behavior as established in the University of Connecticut Code of Conduct and University Guide to the State Code of Ethics. Accounting students are also expected to adhere to the University of Connecticut Code of Conduct and the Student Code.

These ethical standards are summarized in the Core Values in the preamble to the University Code of Conduct as follows (some of the descriptions have been shortened):

Core Values in the University of Connecticut Code of Conduct
The standards contained in this Code of Conduct reflect the University of Connecticut’s core values, as they have been articulated over time by generations of faculty, staff, administrators, students and the State of Connecticut. These values are essential and enduring tenets of our organization.

Knowledge: Members of the University community value truth, the pursuit of truth, intellectual curiosity and academic freedom. Our faculty and students seek to create new knowledge and are committed to sharing ideas, research findings and the products of intellectual and creative pursuits with the broader community.

Honesty: Members of the University community are truthful and sincere in their words and actions and do not intentionally mislead others or provide inaccurate information.

Integrity: Institutional and individual behaviors at the University reflect fundamental moral and ethical values. Our actions are beyond reproach and avoid both the fact and the appearance of impropriety.

Respect: The University honors individuality and demonstrates tolerance for the personal beliefs and cultural differences of all individuals. As members of an academic community, we seek to foster a spirit of civility and collegiality through open and honest communication. We value an environment that is free from harassment and violence.

Professionalism: The University and its members expect that the professional standards and requirements that are applicable to the academic, research, clinical, administrative and other professions comprising our community will be followed.

Violation of the standards in this Code of Conduct may result in appropriate disciplinary measures.

In addition to the University of Code of Conduct, faculty must comply with the University Guide to the State Code of Ethics and the Faculty Consulting Policy. Faculty and staff attend annual compliance training on these policies. See links below for more details.