Thomas Filomeno


Filomeno & Company

As President of Filomeno & Company, Tom’s professional passion is to never stop improving our business. Tom was inspired by his father, Joseph Filomeno, the founder of the firm, to always look ahead and make the firm better. Better service to the clients, better knowledge, advice and resources for the clients and better alignment of team and firm goals. One of his proudest moments was accepting the Business Champion Award for Workforce Development from the Metro Hartford Alliance and the Hartford Business Journal, as it is a testimony to the extraordinary culture. But it’s never over and Tom is excited every day to lead the team toward the continued pursuit of these goals.

Tom also spends considerable time serving clients, particularly in manufacturing and Wealth Management, to help them achieve their aspirations. He collaborates with manufacturing clients on their specialized issues, including inventory, job costing, overhead allocation, and financial analysis. He also consults regularly on Wealth Management, financial planning, tax planning, succession and estate planning issues. Tom also serves as trustee for many individual clients, helping them manage their financial affairs. He also has much experience and expertise in the individual tax area and serves many clients in that capacity as well.

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